Build Highlight: MTM USA makes an Audi RS6 Tribute Edition even more special

We had the opportunity to build a very special RS6 Tribute Edition for a great customer and friend of our program. 

We started off by installing our M-Cantronic unit which brought the power up to 722HP 700FtLbs. Which a simple upgrade that unlock the potential of the RS6's 4.0TT V8. 

Learn more about the RS6 M-Cantronic here.

The next step was to install an Akrapovič exhaust to give the RS6 the sound it deserved to have from factory. 

Watch the video of us installing the exhaust here. 

The Arkapovič exhaust uses titanium to save weight and give the sound characteristic we see associate with the RS6. 

You can click here to hear the sound the RS6 compared to its stock exhaust. 

Then we moved on to aesthetics, where we started by lowering the RS6 using our Lowering Links. We also added our 10mm spacers in the front and 15mm in the rear, giving the RS6 that perfect stance with stock wheels. 

We also added OEM Aluminum Optics front kit, and OEM black mirror caps. Lastly we added a Maxton Designs aero kit. This enhanced the looks of the RS6 and its aggressive angles.  

 You can shop the Maxton Designs kits here. 

After it was all said and done, we had to make a video to commemorate such a special build. 

Watch it here:

In the video you might notice some added customs touches, that were achieved through our MTM Individual Program. 

Lastly we want to thank Nishant, the owner of this RS6 Avant "Tribute Edition" for the opportunity to work with him in such a special project. 

Also special thanks to Luis Rodriguez for capturing a lot of the pictures and videos of this beast, alongside Adam Sheikh and Kyle Fletcher. 

This has been a project out of love, and we are excited for what is to come. 

Feel free to follow this car on the @rswgns instagram where the owner shares this and his other wagon with the world.