MTM USA releases tuning for RS6, RS7 and RSQ8 | Up to 1001HP available.

MTM USA is proud to offer MTM upgrades for the new RS6/RS7/RSQ8. With the RS6 being one of the most sought after cars in the United States, we are excited to start turning the 590HP Audi Avant into a highest performing avant in the market. 

We are introducing a number of upgrades for this platform, starting with a 722HP M-Cantronic upgrade for the RS6. Allowing you to simple connect the MTM M-Cantronic module to the car, and already unlocking more performance. 

We also have a Performance Upgrade ready for the same output and power as the M-Cantronic module, for those who prefer a conventional flash for the car. 

For those seeking more horsepower, we have some treats for you using our ECU Conversions. Which is a special process we do, that is completely different to our flash tunes. You can see the breakdown of all the stages for the ECU Conversion below.

  • ECU Conversion Stage 1: 787HP and it includes, revised intake and turbo inlets for the engine, ECU optimization, as well as quicker communication with the gearbox for faster response. 
  • ECU Conversion Stage 2: 810HP includes all that comes with Stage 1 with the addition of an MTM by Milltek Exhaust. 
  • ECU Conversion Stage 3: 962HP includes everything from Stage 1, but adds upgraded turbo chargers. OEM Exhaust remains. 
  • ECU Conversion Stage 4: 1001HP includes everything Stage 3, but adds a revised exhaust system, and MTM Gearbox programing with revised launch control and shift points.  

For RS6 Upgrades check here.

For RS7 Upgrades check here.

For RSQ8 Upgrades check here.

All these upgrades will be available on the RS6, RS7 and RSQ8. Some of these upgrades will also work on the Lamborghini Urus and Audi S8 D5.  

If you have any questions about any MTM Upgrades for any of the cars we offer tuning for, please email us at