Welcome to MTM USA

It has been a long road to get here. However we are finally here, to provide you with the highest quality product and unparalleled service.

We are starting our endeavor here in the US, with the creation of the first US Spec Audi S8 "Talladega R". The car has 4.0 twin turbo V8, producing 802PS. It also features a full "Talladega R" body kit. The car it self is the only S8 known to have been painted Porsche Miami Blue. So in order to keep on with this theme we also overhauled interior with matching stitching. It also features our famed MTM "Bimoto" wheels.

We have also created 2 Audi's to sport our product. See these two for the first time at EuroTripper 6, at the MTM USA booth.

Finally take a look at video of the Talladega R bellow.