MTM Motoren-Technik-Mayer

MTM is a brand established in 1990 in Germany by Roland Mayer. For over 2 decades we have been developing high performance upgrades for Audis. Mr. Mayer was originally involved the development of the legendary Audi 5 Cylinder, which remains one of our favorite platforms to date. 

Our products are all developed in our German headquarters in Wettstetten. Where we use our two indoor dyno's by MAHA to test our upgrades. This is similar testing procedure that Audi themselves use. We are also in very close proximity to Audi's factory in Ingolstadt, allowing us to have a very close development with the OEM. We firmly believe in guaranteeing that our products will improve the performance of your vehicle without harming or compromising the reliability. We don't promise high numbers, we do however are very certain you wont have issues with our products and how they perform on your car. 

Here in the US, our Headquarters are in Miami, Florida where we have partnered with Championship winning team ANSA Motorsports at their facility. We have also have technicians working on our cars with race experience. We are excited to expand our US business. 

TüV certification:

In order to make parts TüV certified, one has to submit their products to extensive testing in order to achieve this certification. Since we started our business in Germany this is a requirement in order to allow our products to go on the roads. 

Although, we do make products like "Motorsound Rallye" which aren't certified for TüV due to not meeting certain criteria in order to be put in German roads. This criteria is more the nature of the product than the lack of quality. We of course still make every product we make with the utmost quality we can achieve.