Collection: 4M Q7 Facelift 55TFSI

The new Audi Q7 combines the comfort of a luxury limousine with the ability of an off-road vehicle and its dynamic character dominates both the crowded streets and off road terrain but is easily overlooked on the motorway. To give the SUV the supreme authority of a high performance vehicle, MTM has developed some imposing performance modification options which include the MTM M-Cantronic for the 3,0 TFSI and TDI engine.The MTM concept for the Q7 also includes new suspension settings, the prominent 9- spoke 21 inch bimoto performance alloy rims which together offer a striking visual enhancement and highlight the sporty character of the Q7. With a load bearing capacity of up to 900kg per axel the bimoto rims are particularly suited to high speeds and extreme requirements of the Q7. The synergy between all of these factors makes the MTM Q7 a true Autobahn storming all terrain SUV.
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