Collection: 8V Audi S3 (Pre and Post Facelift)

The Audi S3 Quattro series is an outstanding vehicle. However for those who prefer the outer performance limits, the S3's platform offers the ultimate package for sport compact modification. MTM's engineering team offer a more emotionally involving and technically delightful concept for the S3 with a product range covering everything from engine, exhaust systems, transmission and suspensions settings through to brakes. The MTM performance package creates an uncompromising racer with power upgrade options of up to 380 bhp, also included in the MTM options for the S3 are 19 inch bimoto alloy rims which underline the S3 character and sporty look and MTM high performance brakes. The synergy between all of these factors adds up to a car, as individual as you are which delivers extreme awe-inspiring performance and outstanding handling.
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