Associated brands

We work with some very specific other brands that we have found work well with our products and have tested to have our quality of standard. 

Here is a write up on the brands:




Eventuri was founded by a team of engineers and enthusiasts with a background in Aeronautics and tuning – all sharing a passion for cars and performance. After owning various intakes over many years for our own cars and being disappointed with the gains which seldom lived up to their claims – we decided to take things into our own hands and rewrite the book. To set a new benchmark in intake design and technology, above all – to engineer systems which provide real gains and then to publish genuine figures.

Our systems are extensively developed using cutting edge design, testing and prototyping methods. With a focus on performance, each design undergoes CFD analysis and is then validated at the prototype stage through volumetric airflow, intake temperature and extensive dynamometer testing. We strive to publish all the development information to illustrate the depths we go to in bringing an intake from concept to reality.

Only the best materials are selected for each component – even down to the choice of fasteners and fixings in order to ensure that the quality of the end product is second to none.

After many years of disappointment with the usual aftermarket intakes, we are proud to be raising the bar and creating intake systems which are setting a new standard and genuinely improve the performance of your vehicle.

If you have any inquires about Eventuri please email us at or call us at 305-423-9009


A pioneer in its field, Akrapovič is widely recognised as a highly innovative materials technology company. The brand is synonymous with the highest level of design, performance enhancement and the creation of an unmistakable deeply resonant exhaust sound. The company’s products are designed and manufactured for motorcycles and performance cars by a passionate and highly-skilled workforce of over 1000 employees using the latest technology, processes and finest materials. The Racing R&D department works with dozens of racing teams. Over 100 world champions have already relied on Akrapovič exhaust systems. And this is just the beginning of a long exciting ride.

If you have any inquires about Akrapovic please email us at or call us at 305-423-9009

You can also check out the Akrapovic products on our website here:


MTM USA is proud to become an Authorized dealer for BBS wheels. MTM and BBS have always had a close and tight nit relationship. From the MTM Bimoto wheel that MTM and BBS designed together. To collaboration on many builds like MTM Supercharged R8 using BBS FIR wheels. (pictured bellow)

This made MTM USA becoming an Authorized Dealer for BBS the next logical step on our expansion into the US market. We believe BBS shares a lot of our way of thinking and approach to the aftermarket. Where form has to follow function. BBS wheels are also TüV and made in Germany (in most cases) just like our products. 

If you want to inquiry about BBS wheels email us at or call us at 305-423-9009

HRE Wheels:

MTM USA LLC is proud to partner with HRE Wheels to offer the Miami market another options in choosing the famed HRE wheel. We will be offering these wheels for our nationwide market too, for those who want to purchase from us. Hope we continue to offer great products like HRE along side MTM. 

Here is some information from HRE:

"HRE designs, engineers and manufactures 3-piece and 1-piece forged aluminum alloy wheels for Racing, Performance & Luxury cars and SUVs in their San Diego, California-based, TÜV-approved facility. HRE’s built-to-order wheel sets offer a customized choice of offsets, widths and finishes, resulting in a uniquely personal style and performance solution for each customer’s application. HRE wheels are sold through select high-end car dealerships, specialty retailers and performance companies worldwide."

Feel free to contact us with any questions at or 305-423-9009

Vossen Wheels:

Voseen Wheels does it over and over again, setting the bar higher with every design they release. With over 2 decades of experience in the automotive industry, they have redefined what it takes to be in the wheel game. From their world class marketing to the unmatched attention to the finest details, Vossen wheels is considered the standard in the luxury automotive community with their versatile fitments and styles. All Vossen wheels come with the industries best warranty, which proves that they stand behind their product 110%. Vossen wheels are the perfect accessory for the most discerning of customer. If you want to stand out from the crowd, get a set of Vossen wheels and never look back. 

For inquires email or call 305-423-9009

BC Forged Wheels:

The difference between a BC Forged monoblock wheel and a BC Forged modular wheel is the construction. A BC Forged monoblock wheel is a single piece of 6061-T6 aluminum whereas a BC Forged modular wheel is comprised of two pieces of 6061-T6 aluminum, the first being a center and the second being a lip/barrel. With all BC Forged modular wheels, the center piece is fastened to a flange located on the lip/barrel with stainless steel assembly hardware, which we offer in four different finishes. LE/MLE series (non-extended spoke) designs are only offered with exposed hardware whereas all HCA, HCS, HC, HB, HBR and HT series (extended spoke) designs are all offered with hidden hardware with most also being offered with exposed hardware.


For inquires email or call 305-423-9009


RENNtech has become the premier Mercedes-Benz specialist and Hartmut Feyhl himself is regarded by many as USA’s foremost authority in Mercedes tuning. His vast experience comes from 12 years spent at AMG Germany before serving as the North American division’s Technical Director. Prior to the tuning company’s merger with Mercedes-Benz in 1999, by the request of AMG Germany, Feyhl branched out on his own to start RENNtech and service the existing AMG North America customers.

Here at MTM USA we are proud to having partnered with RENNtech to provide RENNtech products and upgrades to customers here in Miami. You can contact us at (305) 423-9009 or email us at