The engine specialist from Wettstetten, Germany offers its newly developed MTM M-Cantronic, as an alternative to the new programming of the original engine control unit, enticing better performance and torque out of Volkswagen Group's current petrol and diesel engines. 
The M-Cantronic is an electronic device altering the engine maps of the ECU three-dimensionally. MTM exploits the full potential of previously unused power reserves. Instead of generally raising the fuel pressure by a certain percentage and thereby possibly damaging the engine, MTM takes a softer approach. The Cantronic takes engine speed into consideration in performance optimization. It taps the RPM values from the CAN-bus (Controller Area Network), and, dependent on this, varies fuel and boost pressure. With this complex modification, the M-Cantronic offers all the advantages a conventional chip-tuning has, yet providing further amenities. 
In comparison to a re-programmed original engine control unit, the M-Cantronic can be built in by customers themselves or from a garage and just as simple and in an uncomplicated manner, removed again. Following a new re-programming by MTM and an eventually necessary replacement of cable harness, the M-Cantronic may be further utilized in other vehicles. It therefore offers a better suited solution for customers that often exchange their vehicles providing convenient replacement and simple self-assembly. Given the current ecological debate, MTM pays special attention to the particle filter. In spite of a noticeable increased performance, the M-Cantronic has no negative consequences for its function and effectiveness. Even if a garage installs a software update for the engine control unit, the Cantronic remains unaffected. 
MTM offers the M-Cantronic inclusive of TÜV-parts certificate and EMC-testing.
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