Milltek Exhaust for MK8 Golf R
Milltek Exhaust for MK8 Golf R

Milltek Exhaust for MK8 Golf R

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A Milltek Cat Back/GPF Back Exhaust System replaces the rear half of your exhaust from the catalytic converter back or Gasoline Particulate Filter. This gives you the best of both worlds, improved sound and looks, but no worries about legality. Replacing stock pipework with wider, better designed Milltek pipework releases more performance from your cars engine. A new Milltek backbox and silencers will give your car a sporty, but refined sound.

  • Improves the look and finish of your car
  • Sporty but refined sound
  • Increased performance
  • Outstanding fit and quality

A Cat Back exhaust/GPF Back exhaust hooks up to your factory system behind the main cat or the GPF, replacing the pipework, silencers, and back-boxes with new Milltek kit.

Milltek's pipework will be carefully computer designed to increase flow-rate with wider pipework and carefully designed mandrel bends. This means your engine can breathe more freely and means getting the exhaust gasses out is not limiting how quickly it can get air in.

A badly designed exhaust can actually reduce torque low down the rev range, but Milltek have the depth of engineering know-how necessary to increase top-end without loss of drivability.

Genuine power increases are often achievable with just the exhaust, but it gets really good when the exhaust is paired up with new software and other breathing mods for the engine.

Milltek use either hard-wearing T304 Stainless Steel or Titanium. Both are durable and sound great.

Milltek put a lot of work into engineering the sound of the exhaust. Anyone can make a car louder. Milltek carefully tune the silencers in the system to offer a sporty, but refined sound. The exhaust is designed to sound fierce when you drive the car hard, but not to drone at idle or when cruising.

On some systems there will be a choice of "resonated" or "non-resonated". Resonated typically have either extra or quieter silencers in place and will be quieter.

Milltek take fit and build quality very seriously. Any of their exhausts should just fit directly in place of the original equipment.

For a great all-round upgrade, that will leave your car road-legal and refined, but increase power and noise a Milltek Cat Back or GPF Back exhaust system is easy to recommend.