MTM ECU Conversion Stage 1 Audi S8 D5 787 PS
MTM ECU Conversion Stage 1 Audi S8 D5 787 PS

MTM ECU Conversion Stage 1 Audi S8 D5 787 PS

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Conversion of the OEM ECU (engine control unit), air filter, air intake, turbo inlet, incl. torque over the entire rpm range, replaced speed limiter and optimized TCU communication (gearbox). The vehicle stays fully diagnosable, an OEM update can't be overwritten. The ECU modification is only possible in D-85139 Wettstetten. It lasts around 10 working days and can be installed in the car or just in the ECU (please provide ECU printout). The conversion is fully reversible without trace.


Hardware changes included:
Modified large-volume air filter box
Sports air filter
Large-volume suction hoses (black)
Intake manifold in front of the turbocharger with an enlarged cross-section

Comparision MTM-Performance vs. Series-Performance

Criterion MTM Series
max. performance kW/Umin 578 / 6250 420 / 6000
max. torque Nm/Umin 1030 / 2250-4500 800 / 2000-4500
v-max gem. Reifenfreigabe 250 km/h
0-100 km/h 3,5 s 3,8 s



  • Details about driving performances are approximate values without obligation which are established on MTM test vehicles and may vary depending on tyres and equipment of vehicle and ambience conditions like air pressure and temperature
  • Errors as well as alterations in price and technology excepted
  • In Additional alterations to the vehicle which have indirect or direct influence on our deliveries and services void all warranty claims to MTM Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH
  • Our applicable valid terms and conditions apply
  • Pay attention to the speed release of the tyres
  • The specified measured values were determined with the MTM development vehicle


* ECU CONVERSION DISCLOSURE: 02 Sensor readiness remains unmodified. Catalytic Converters are not affected by this upgrade,