MTM ECU conversion stage 1 Cayenne Turbo III 666 hp

MTM ECU conversion stage 1 Cayenne Turbo III 666 hp

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"The Un-traceable Tune"

Conversion of the OEM ECU (engine control unit), incl. torque over the entire rpm range, replaced speed limiter and optimized TCU communication (gearbox). The vehicle stays fully diagnosable, an OEM update can't be overwritten. The ECU modification is only possible in D-85139 Wettstetten. It lasts around 5 working days and can be installed in the car or just in the ECU (please provide ECU printout). The conversion is fully reversible without trace.

* ECU CONVERSION DISCLOSURE: 02 Sensor readiness remains unmodified. Catalytic Converters are not affected by this upgrade,

Comparision MTM-Performance vs. Series-Performance

Criterion MTM Series
max. performance kW/Umin 490 / 6600 404 / 5750-6000
max. torque Nm/Umin 790 / 2600 770 / 2000-4500
v-max gem. Reifenfreigabe (max. 300) 286 km/h
0-100 km/h folgt 4,1 s (3,9 s SportChrono)