Performance Upgrade B9 S5

Performance Upgrade B9 S5

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MTM is proud to offer the ability to flash the MG1 ECUs now. We have been tuning these ECUs for a while through ECU Conversions which previously took our Engineers 40 hours for each ECU. Now with our new flashing process we can flash these cars on the spot. This is not an OBD2 Flash instead it is a bench flash; however, with the ECU being so easily accessible on these cars, it’s really easy to do for any shop using our process. The tunes we are working on are essentially the same as our ECU Conversion upgrades, however these can still be detected by manufacturer scan tools.

*You can either bring your car to us in Miami at our USA Headquarters or ship to us here as well for us to flash*

Comparision MTM-Performance vs. Series-Performance

*Coupe acceleration figures. Sportback and convertible may achieve different results


Criterion MTM Series
max. performance HP 429/ 5700 349 / 5400-6400
max. torque FtLbs 442 / 2500 369/ 1370-4500
v-max gem. Reifenfreigabe (max. 290) 250 km/h
0-100 km/h 3,8 s 4,7 s
0-200 km/h 13,5 s 17,4 s

*Special software available on request. Please email sales@mtm-usa.com